H/Advisors Blockchain

Havas Group and Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Counselors have joined forces to create Blockchain Switzerland-H/Advisors, a new offer dedicated to advising start-ups, corporations and institutions within the highly dynamic Swiss blockchain ecosystem.

H/Advisors Blockchain provides:

  • Consulting and token economics
  • Tech advisory and prototyping
  • Tech development and projects’ industrialization
  • Market positioning strategies’ development
  • Analysis of target audiences and opinion leaders
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies with business, political, regulatory, media and investor audiences
  • Content strategies and multi-channel implementation
  • Local know-how and resources to efficiently deploy positioning strategies and campaigns globally
  • Havas Blockchain and Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Counselors complement each other ideally and work hand in hand to offer tailor-made solutions for clients in the Swiss blockchain ecosystem.

Havas Blockchain is Havas Group’s fully integrated communications unit providing support to blockchain tech businesses and entrepreneurs. Havas Blockchain focuses on consulting and tech support for cryptocurrency fundraising rounds and blockchain projects. It also offers training, coaching, public affairs and global communications support to companies operating in the blockchain ecosystem. Havas is one of the world’s largest global communications groups. Founded in 1835 in Paris, Havas employs more than 20 000 people in over 100 countries.